University of Birmingham Sport has a dedicated team offering volunteering opportunities to get involved with during your time here. Volunteering is known to help with future employment, and our Extra Mile programme is the perfect way to get involved!


We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities that are tailored to suit our students’ busy timetables. These can range from school sport competitions, primary school sports festivals, Great Birmingham Run, and many more! Our students also benefit year on year from the generosity of our industry partners, who support the development of our volunteers. Partners include Aldi UK, and The Adam Cole Foundation


These opportunities are available for all University of Birmingham students, regardless of sporting ability or course. Previous volunteers have helped with coaching, events, open days and also assisting the Jamaican Olympic Team while they trained for World Championships 2017. 

British open


If you have volunteered in this academic year (1 August 2021 – 24 June 2022) within a sporting setting then please submit your volunteering hours via the link below.


The student experience officer will then contact you to validate your hours and arrange a time to meet with you to discuss how we can support you further with your volunteering. As well as arranging for you to receive any free stash that you qualify for.


The student experience officer will then contact you to validate your hours and arrange a time to meet with you to discuss how we can support you further with your volunteering. As well as arranging for you to receive any free stash that you qualify for.


If you are interested in internal volunteering opportunities at the University of Birmingham, please email Phil Heighway.



It does not matter where or how you get a volunteer placement. Sport Birmingham frequently advertise local volunteering opportunities in the community. If you decide to take up an outside opportunity do not forget to tell us, register your hours to receive the free stash.




Aldi UK provide a wide range of support for our volunteering students. Currently, Aldi funds our student volunteering coordinator position. This crucial student led role assists with the management of our Extra Mile programme. Further financial support provides bursaries for 20 student club volunteers, as well as branded kit.


The Adam Cole Foundation is a UK registered charity that aims to make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged children both at home and abroad. Currently, donations from the foundation support our volunteers with volunteering bursaries and branded t-shirts. This enables the continuous professional development of our student volunteers who change lives through sport.


The Extra Mile Development Page will advertise and showcase development opportunities whether you are a coach, volunteer, official, or you are just looking to support your local club, we are here to help to provide further information and support.


Developing your coaching will mean going on a course to gain an additional coaching qualification or by attending one-off workshops or short courses. A massive range of courses are available locally to help you gain a new or next level of coaching award, or simply develop your skills and knowledge for coaching. See below for a wide range of resources.


This introductory workshop, delivered by a member of the Empowering CoachingTM team at the University of Birmingham, provides opportunities for coaches and individuals delivering sport sessions to understand the principles behind Empowering CoachingTM. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be challenged to re-evaluate common practices when coaching. You will have opportunity to interact with other workshop attendees to enhance your own existing motivational climate and to develop new strategies to help you create a more empowering environment in training and competition.


The Personal Skills Award is the University of Birmingham’s exclusive employability programme for undergraduate students. Supported by a range of employers, the PSA enables you to develop professional skills and attributes in preparation for graduate employment. By completing the award you gain recognition for the opportunities you undertake outside of your studies, including sporting activities, part time work and involvement in student groups. The PSA also gives you the opportunity to complete an assessment where you will receive personalised feedback to help improve your confidence in articulating your skills to graduate recruiters.

To enrol on to the PSA and to find out more about how you can gain recognition for your sporting achievements, attend a PSA Induction Session in Autumn term. Discover more about PSA Induction sessions.


Looking for funding? Sport Birmingham are here to help.

There is a wide range of funding opportunities for both individuals and organisations from small amounts of £100 for kit and equipment to up to £1,000,000 for capital builds.